I'm currently living in Boston and fly out of KBED regularly. I'm looking into making a long cross country in a Cessna 182T to the Bahamas and am planning my route. I'm IFR rated.

I'm looking for airports generally along the east coast (east of KATL and south of KBED) that have at least one of the following and are less than a 25 minute drive from the field: diner/restaurant with at least 3 stars on yelp, museum, historic or tourist attractions.

Some places that have caught my attention:

  • KBID (Block Island State, RI) - Bethany's Airport Diner is on the field and has 4 stars on yelp
  • 0B8 (Fishers Island, NY) - friend says it's a 15 minute walk to a really nice golf club open to anyone
  • KMYR (Myrtle Beach, SC) - there's a 100 things to do walking distance from the airport (parks, beach, restaurants, tours, etc...)
  • KCHS or KJZI (Charleston, SC) - 20 minute drive to the historic downtown of the city

Really appreciate your input!

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