It seems that FAA requirements for any particular aircraft revolve heavily around the aircraft's type certificate. Civil aircraft are broken up into several categories based on weight or passenger count, etc. But I did not see a section on military operations.

Do military aircraft undergo type certification?

  • $\begingroup$ Military aircraft are mentioned here. $\endgroup$ – fooot Apr 2 '15 at 3:00
  • $\begingroup$ good information, but i only see military surplus aircraft in that list. does that mean non-surplus military aircraft don't get type-certificated? $\endgroup$ – Erich Apr 2 '15 at 3:10
  • $\begingroup$ through a DME or AIRMAN. AFRCS $\endgroup$ – user8190 Apr 19 '15 at 17:41
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    $\begingroup$ Let me get this straight. Necktie wearing bureaucrats are going to demand many nitpicky things from airplanes and helicopters that carry big cannon, bombs and missiles $\endgroup$ – Mike Brass Feb 7 '18 at 6:13

In the US, the military is not required to obtain FAA type certificates for their aircraft; the FAA is not the authority certifying a military-registered plane's airworthiness. They have the option of accepting an FAA type certificate (which they tend to do on aircraft based on civilian ones), but they run their own certification agencies for airworthiness, which are all that matters if the plane is in the military registration system. Here's an Air Force policy on the matter, here's a Lockheed powerpoint on the option to use FAA certification on commercial derivatives.


The military has their own set of certification standards for aircraft. They draw their authority from their task to provide national defense.


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