In the Air Crash Investigation episode "Kid In The Cockpit," which details the crash of Aeroflot Flight 593, the video shows the plane had a yoke not a sidestick

I was under the impression all Airbus models, even the earlier ones, used a sidestick.

Can anybody clarify this for me?

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The sidestick was a design that came about along with the new fly-by-wire technology of the A320 in the late 1980's. The physical leverage of a yoke was no longer needed for flight control cables. The older designs of the A300 and A310 series planes from the 70's and 80's have conventional yoke flight controls.

I would not be surprised to see inaccuracies in TV reenactments, but the yoke did happen to be important in that particular case.

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    $\begingroup$ ... as was the autopilot with independently disconnectable axis (no longer possible on A320+) and lack of flight envelope protection (added on A320). Also MayDay/Air Crash Investigation is usually pretty accurate (does not necessarily extend to other similar documentaries). $\endgroup$
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Great [video][1] of Azore Airelines A310 hand yoke flying over LPPD.

So yes, it did ship w/ a yoke. :) [1]:


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