(Note this question asks about VFR charts.)

In the U.S, I can get IFR navigation charts from Aeronav or Jeppesen.

Do IFR charts exist worldwide? If so, where can I go for charts of other countries? (A list would be nice since there probably isn't one canonical source?). If not, what are the alternatives?


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The primary source for every country would be the countries' Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). In some cases the AIP is freely accessible, printed copies can be directly obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or commercial companies authorized to distribute these, such as Jeppesen.

In some cases there will be a joint resource for certain areas, e.g. The IFR charts for European countries can be obtained as digital copies from EAD EUROCONTROL.


Not sure whether you want them just for informational purposes or for actual flight planning.

https://skyvector.com/ has IFR and VFR charts (and airport information) for the entire planet. I don't know how current they are and whether they are legal for use as operational charts for aircraft operations, but for informational and simulation purposes they're certainly good enough.


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