We want use RC UAV to take some pictures of heritage forts (Gadh) around Pune. Do I need a special permission for that ? I have seen some one doing it before but just for to be sure I need to know. is there any official government website that can guide us ? I am so concerned because I want to do a research project.

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A public notice issued by the DGCA in October reads: “DGCA is in the process of formulating the regulations [and globally harmonise those] for certification & operation for use of Unmanned aircraft systems [UAS] in the Indian Civil Airspace. Till such regulations are issued, no non-government agency, organisation, or an individual will launch a UAS in Indian Civil Airspace for any purpose whatsoever.”


“There are no regulatory guidelines concerning the sales and operation of such aircraft. So when a request is made for the use of drones we allow it on a ‘case-by-case’ basis. If we feel that they would not pose any security threat or cause any traffic snarls, we allow the request,” explained another senior police officer.

The Hindu, December 24 2014

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