The VFR sectionals show a number of airways/routes marked in red. Here are several near KMTH, you can see B-646 extending east of the NDB:

Bravo airways near KMTH

There are others in Alaska that are lettered A, R or G, e.g. A-7 runs between the CMQ and MNL NDBs.

What are these airways or routes and how are they different from Victor airways?


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These are Red Federal Airways, and can be found in Order 7400.9

Red airways are one of a 1950s-ish system of airways: Red, Blue, Green, Amber, which are designated by an NDB (rather than a VOR or VORTAC for a V or J route).

Green and Red airways go east/west, and Blue and Amber routes go north/south.

These routes were prioritized: GARB, with Green routes having the highest priority.

enter image description here


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