What are the main structural design software packages that are used by the most of the aircraft manufacturers. There are a number of software packages but which one is widely accepted and used for the structural design of the aeroplane.

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CATIA has been used in large projects like Boeing 777 and companies like Lockheed Martin.

I wouldn't say it is the standard across the aerospace industry though as other software like Pro E and Solidworks can be used as well.

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    $\begingroup$ CATIA is primarily a CAD software for 3D design (which is used in aerospace). Some tools for meshing and FE-analysis have beend added over time, but for major structural work dedicated FE packages are used. $\endgroup$
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There are many package available for structural analysis, but I know that NASTRAN/PATRAN are used extensively in aerospace engineering.

The software was originally developed for NASA in the sixties and has been expanded with a suite of problem solvers for various structural problems including fatigue and acoustics.


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