My goal is to obtain engine baselines and calculate EGT Margin for Pratt&Whitney PW1100g engines (specifically, PW1133GA-JM)

I have a large dataset of engine reports recorded during takeoff. I have applied the following standard formulas for parameter correction:

$\theta = (T2 + 273.16) / 288.16$

$\delta = P2 / 29.92$

$EGTK = (EGT + 273.16) / \theta ^ {0.84} $

$N1K = N1 / \sqrt{\theta} $

$N2K = N2 / \sqrt{\theta} $

Then, I plotted the corrected values against N1K as shown below.

Corrected EGT and N2 plotted against corrected N1

Comparing my results to ones found in this paper I found that my EGTK points do not form a straight line therefore I think my correction formulas are wrong.

My questions are:

  1. What adjustments should I make to my formulas?
  2. How do I consider bleed flags in corrections?

I will appreciate any help and any information related to my problem.



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