I'm curious to learn about what types of military aircraft can take TS-1 fuel. For example, can a SU-30 or a YAK-130 use TS-1, or do they only take A-1? Also what types of helicopters can take TS-1?

Can TS-1 be used in any civilian aircraft?


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TS-1 can be used in any subsonic turbine-powered aircraft.

Note that the second of your questions has already been asked: Can TS-1 fuel be used in an aircraft that takes Jet A? I'll add a brief note - all civilian jet aircraft are subsonic, so they can technically operate on TS-1 fuel, even if only approved for RT. Unapproved but compatible fuels can result in shortened maintenance intervals.

Here is a brief list of all Russian jet fuel types. TS-1 has a very low freezing point, below -60C, allowing for cold weather operation. But the lower the freezing point, the lower the flashpoint, so a light fuel like TS-1 is more hazardous than Jet-A in hot weather. RT fuel is used for that.

For the same reason, TS-1 is not recommended for supersonic flight, where the fuel heats up and light fuels can boil off. If combat is possible on the mission, the Su-30 and other supersonic aircraft need to use the more versatile RT fuel, which has a higher boiling temperature.

Supercruising aircraft like the Tu-160 or SR-71 get even hotter, so they need heavier fuels, such as T-6, T-8 or JP-7, that can take higher temperatures. These fuels are not suitable for subsonic civilian aircraft.


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