I have some questions about certain VOR approach charts. I find some details confusing on the following chart for SLTJ VOR C Rwy 13:

  1. What does "state" mean? It's in bold in the minima section.
  2. Why is there a bold "1" next to the minima?
  3. Referring to a non-precision VOR approach chart, why is the minima stated as 1DA/MDA 6950'? Shouldn't it be just MDA? The number "1" is also next to it.
  4. Above the minima, what do the initials CDFA stand for?

enter image description here


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  1. The "State" label refers to the source of the values in the minimums box, in this case meaning they are from the respective state authority:

    A "Std" label in the upper left corner of the minimums box indicates that the published visibilities are ICAO Doc 9365 compliant. Other labels, as described below, indicate compliance with other regulations.


    Std/State - Minimums are based on tables and rules from a State Regulation which is similar/close to ICAO Doc 9365 (e.g. EASA AIR OPS, Indian CAR), refer also to AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL - Aerodrome Operating Minimums JEPPESEN for identified differences to ICAO Doc 9365. No comparison has been done to any other landing minimums criteria.

    (Jeppesen Approach Chart Legend Minimums)

  2. That is a footnote. You can find the note further below on the chart:

    SLTJ VOR C Rwy 13 Minima

    It means that using DA instead of MDA depends on your airline operating procedures.

  3. Usually a non-precision approach uses an MDA (minimum descent altitude). But when flying a CDFA approach (see 4.), this may be replaced by a DA (decision altitude). Your airline operating procedure will stipulate how much safety margin to add to the given minima values when using them as a DA.

  4. CDFA stands for Continuous Descent Final Approach. It means that you will not level off at MDA. Instead you start your final descent later in order to descend continuously towards the runway.


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