I was born with no central vision in my right eye, and I would like to know if this would hinder my ability to become a commercial pilot.


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See here information from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and information I found on Wings Taking Flight: CLASS 1 - AMC1 MED.B.070 (f) Visual acuity
 (1) Reduced vision in one eye or monocularity: Applicants for revalidation or renewal with reduced central vision or acquired loss of vision in one eye may be assessed as fit with an OML if: (i) The binocular visual field or, in the case of monocularity, the monocular visual field is acceptable;
(ii) In the case of monocularity, a period of adaptation time has passed from the known point of visual loss, during which the applicant should be assessed as unfit;
(iii) The unaffected eye achieves distant visual acuity of 6/6 (1,0) corrected or uncorrected;
(iv) The unaffected eye achieves intermediate visual acuity of N14 and N5 for near;
(v) The underlying pathology is acceptable according to ophthalmological assessment and there is no significant ocular pathology in the unaffected eye; and
(vi) A medical flight test is satisfactory. Fit with an OML means valid only as or with qualified co-pilot.


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