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Jan 25 at 8:49 comment added GdD I'm not saying you can't hit the chopper @LorenPechtel, you probably can. As you say, it will take away a bullseye, but if you intend to hit someone inside that's what you need to hit.
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Jan 25 at 2:40 comment added Loren Pechtel The downwash will certainly take away your bullseye but that doesn't ensure a miss.
Jan 24 at 8:43 comment added GdD The disturbed air starts before you get to the rotor, so probably half a second to a second. It doesn't sound like much but it will be enough to throw off your aim.
Jan 24 at 3:50 comment added Loren Pechtel But how long will the arrow spend in that downwash? Sure it will play havoc with the flight path, but it won't have long to act on the arrow.
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