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Top new questions this week:

What is the meaning of these stencils, usually found on military planes?

I am wondering what these markings (which I found both in the French Super Etendard and in the British Tornado) indicate? They may be something relevant for the maintenance crews.

military aircraft-maintenance feature-identification aircraft-marking  
asked by Marcello Rosa 40 votes
answered by ymb1 58 votes

Why does the mixture knob spin?

On my first intro flight. I noticed the instructor twisting the mixture knob. I didn't think of asking, but now Im curious.

aircraft-systems mixture  
asked by Boeing787 28 votes
answered by John K 68 votes

Can you identify this 1920s or 30s biplane?

Can you identify this aircraft from the 1920s or 30s I think? On the back of the photo it says “Taken at Nanking, after flying from Hong Kong to Shanghai”. I don’t know who the pilot is. My ...

aircraft-identification biplane  
asked by Andrew Jackson 22 votes
answered by Andrew 35 votes

Where is an example of "foreign airspace designated in the United States" mentioned in 91.129?

Reading 91.129 regarding Class D ops and establishing communications, (c)(1) mentions: "including foreign ATC in the case of foreign airspace designated in the United States" Can anyone ...

faa-regulations far-91 part-91-operations  
asked by vector 11 votes
answered by HiddenWindshield 25 votes

Do pilots need a fuel pressure/temperature gauge?

Fuel pressure gauge allows you to monitor the fuel pressure while the engine is under a load. However, since the fuel pressure requirement is listed by the engine manufacturer, do pilots even need a ...

aircraft-design fuel-systems  
asked by Faito Dayo 9 votes
answered by Ralph J 21 votes

Why would "hot gases" from a volcano damage helicopter rotors?

In the ongoing story about someone trying to rescue dogs from a volcano with a drone, I keep seeing variations of this claim repeated: Spanish authorities have dropped food down to the dogs with ...

helicopter weather volcanoes  
asked by Undo 7 votes
answered by ymb1 15 votes

Why are coordinates written at parking bays in civil airports?

Why are coordinates marked at parking bays at civil airports?

asked by Vikas Singh 7 votes
answered by JetCityMatt 13 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the difference between a balked landing and a go-around?

Is there a difference between a balked landing and a go-around? If there is, what exactly is a balked landing?

landing terminology go-around  
asked by user1640841 24 votes
answered by Lnafziger 14 votes

What are the main differences piloting Boeing vs. Airbus aircraft?

What are the main differences in flying a Boeing vs an Airbus aircraft? Ignoring cosmetics, e.g. nose/window shape (see How can I tell apart an Airbus from a Boeing?)

airbus boeing  
asked by Danny Beckett 52 votes
answered by Federico 50 votes

Why are planes generally painted white?

When planes come off the assembly line at the factory, they're green: So why are most painted white? Surely a darker colour would hide dirt better? Is there a reason planes are traditionally white? ...

airliner paint livery  
asked by Danny Beckett 103 votes
answered by egid 84 votes

How many passengers can an Airbus A380 carry?

What is the passenger capacity of an A380, and how many suitcases could it carry?

asked by Noor 9 votes
answered by fooot 21 votes

Why does the Boeing 787 engine nacelle exhaust have such an unusual shape?

Why does the Boeing 787 nacelle have this unique shape at the exhaust: I haven't seen it on any other airplanes, does it serve an aerodynamic purpose or help engine efficiency or is it just to look ...

jet-engine noise boeing-787 nacelle aeroacoustics  
asked by Lnafziger 64 votes
answered by Farhan 56 votes

What are the effects of the Boeing 787's very flexible wings?

I recently came across this picture of the Boeing 787 series aircraft's incredible wingflex: I suppose this is a consequence of using very light CFRP wings, but how does the wingflex itself improve ...

aerodynamics aircraft-performance boeing-787 wing-flex  
asked by shortstheory 35 votes
answered by Dan 25 votes

Can a human get sucked into a jet engine?

Can a human get sucked into the jet engine of a normal modern airliner? if so has it ever happened and what is the minimum or maximum weight that these engines can suck? As a safety measure, wouldn't ...

safety airliner ground-operations  
asked by securitydude5 60 votes
answered by aeroalias 74 votes

Can you answer these questions?

What is the difference between "origin date" and "departure date"?

In different sources e.g. OAG's API:s (Application Programming Interface), there are both (scheduled) "departure date" and "origin/origination date". In general (so not ...

terminology time  
asked by stoft 1 vote

Can I just differentiate my Euler rates to get the angular rates?

There is this matrix: $${W_{\eta}}=\begin{bmatrix} -\sin(\theta) & 0 & 1 \\ \cos(\theta) \sin(\phi) & \cos(\phi) & 0 \\ \cos(\theta) \cos(\phi) & -\sin(\phi) & 0 \end{bmatrix}$...

aerodynamics flight-dynamics  
asked by Hamzalihi 3 votes

Where are the small fuel reservoir tanks on a Cessna P210N?

I have looked through the POH and the maintenance manual of the Cessna P210N, both said that the fuel goes from the main tanks into two small reservoir tanks somewhere on the lower side of the ...

fuel-systems fuel-tanks cessna-210-centurion  
asked by Programmer 1 vote
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