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Top new questions this week:

Why is paragliding not an old invention?

Paraglider looks like a rather simple device for me. It does not have a complex engine that needs lots of technology to be built. It also does not need a powered aircraft just to be launched. Looking ...

aviation-history paraglider  
asked by h22 34 votes
answered by Zeiss Ikon 31 votes

What does “Ground loops are costly. Fly them until they stop” mean?

In one of the earliest scenes of William A. Wellman's 1942 film Thunder Birds, a sign can be seen in a room of a USAAF base (some relax or briefing room, apparently), which says: Ground loops are ...

landing terminology aviation-culture  
asked by DaG 26 votes
answered by John K 35 votes

Why does camouflage make some planes fly slower?

Why does camouflage decrease some airplanes' speed? I have noticed that some planes fly slower with camouflage than without it. For example, when the RAF applied camo on the P-51 Mustang, they noticed ...

aerodynamics aircraft-performance groundspeed p-51  
asked by J Lopez 25 votes
answered by John K 53 votes

How do "tip jet" helicopters cancel the torque effect of the main rotor?

Some helicopters use "tip jet" on the rotor blades tips such as the McDonnell XH-20 Little Henry and Hiller YH-32 Hornet. How do they cancel the rotor torque (often canceled by the tail rotor)?

aircraft-design helicopter flight-dynamics tip-jets  
asked by L'aviateur 16 votes
answered by jamesqf 32 votes

How high can an airplane be spotted with eyesight?

How high can an airplane be spotted with eyesight? Suppose a plane has a wingspan of 15 m then at what distance it will appear as a faint dot? What is the correct way to calculate this?

altitude plane-spotting  
asked by System32 14 votes
answered by Bianfable 19 votes

What are these small engine inlets on the Super Hornet?

Does anyone know what these two small variable inlets on top of the engines are used for on the Super Hornet? Source: navy.mil; cropped

jet-engine feature-identification inlet f-18  
asked by hph304j 13 votes
answered by Bianfable 21 votes

Why would an ILS installation need a “reflecting surface” around the glideslope antenna?

According to the NTSB, the installation of a glideslope serving runway 11 at KHTS (Tri-State Airport, Huntington, West Virginia) was delayed for over twelve years by the lack of suitable terrain for ...

airport-design radio-navigation navaids glideslope  
asked by Sean 9 votes
answered by ymb1 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How many passengers can an Airbus A380 carry?

What is the passenger capacity of an A380, and how many suitcases could it carry?

asked by Noor 9 votes
answered by fooot 21 votes

Can a human get sucked into a jet engine?

Can a human get sucked into the jet engine of a normal modern airliner? if so has it ever happened and what is the minimum or maximum weight that these engines can suck? As a safety measure, wouldn't ...

safety airliner ground-operations  
asked by securitydude5 58 votes
answered by aeroalias 71 votes

What is the difference between a turbofan and a turboprop engine?

I'm not an aircraft expert and I just realized that there are two different terms - turbofan and turboprop. I always had them combined in my head as a term for a large jet engine (like you would see ...

jet-engine engine turboprop  
asked by David says Reinstate Monica 52 votes
answered by fooot 81 votes

How does ILS (Instrument landing system) work?

How does ILS (Instrument landing system) work? I know it provides guidance to the runway by two signals, one modulated at 90 Hz, the other at 150 Hz, but how the airplane lock on those signals? ...

navigation ils navaids  
asked by Gabriel Brito 26 votes
answered by casey 25 votes

Why are planes generally painted white?

When planes come off the assembly line at the factory, they're green: So why are most painted white? Surely a darker colour would hide dirt better? Is there a reason planes are traditionally ...

airliner livery  
asked by Danny Beckett 96 votes
answered by egid 80 votes

What is the difference between ICAO, JAA, FAA, EASA, and CAA?

There seems to be many regulation bodies across the globe, how are they different and how are they alike? Specifically, how is ICAO different from the rest?

faa icao easa  
asked by Magnetoz 15 votes
answered by DeltaLima 18 votes

Why does an aircraft leave a white smoke trail?

Why does an aircraft leave a white smoke trail?

jet contrails  
asked by Tom 40 votes
answered by Peter Kämpf 75 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Has a flight data recorder or cockpit voice recorder ever failed in an accident?

Has there been a time either during an aviation accident or during normal flight where the flight data recorder or the cockpit voice recorder devices failed or the data was significantly corrupted?

accidents flight-data-recorder cockpit-voice-recorder failures  
asked by Bob516 1 vote
answered by Konrad -2 votes

How common is it in current British usage for the angle between the chord line of a wing and the flight path to be called the "angle of incidence"?

In American usage, the angle between the chord line of a wing and the flight path is called the "angle of attack". The angle of attack is also represented by the greek letter "alpha". However, some ...

aerodynamics terminology aircraft-physics  
asked by quiet flyer 1 vote

Are there regulations about carrying cargo on passenger seats?

We see that passenger aircraft have recently made cargo flights so that the supply chain does not decrease due to the Covid-19 crisis. It is seen that the cargo boxes are loaded on the passenger ...

safety regulations weight-and-balance cargo  
asked by GolfCharlie 1 vote
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