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Top new questions this week:

Why is this F/A-18 flying through a hailstorm of sparkles?

The F/A-18 Super Hornet squadron VF-102 Diamondbacks, flying from the USS Ronald Reagan, has posted a montage video of its 2019 Indo-China cruise. At about 5:15, the video shows a night-time cockpit ...

cockpit night-flying f-18  
asked by Party Ark 16 votes
answered by Jpe61 22 votes

Why does my wind tunnel experiment give two different stall angles of attack?

When I increase the angle of attack from 0 to 20 the stall begins at 18 deg. When I decrease the angle of attack from 20 to 0 the stall ends at 13 deg. Why the difference and what value (13 or 18 deg) ...

aerodynamics airfoil stall angle-of-attack  
asked by 3XBULL 15 votes
answered by MaximEck 29 votes

How do airlines replace a pilot at the last minute if they're unable to fly?

I would like to know what decision do the commercial airline carriers take when there is emergency case of a pilot who cannot fly the plane because of personal emergency conditions? Emergency ...

airline-operations pilots  
asked by Prashant Akerkar 12 votes
answered by John K 34 votes

Can airliners land with auto pilot at strong gusty wind?

Why does the pilot make so much movement? I don't see that plane is moving, but his yoke movements are huge and fast? For persons who do not fly, it looks like panic. Can airliners land with auto ...

airliner flight-controls wind autoland  
asked by Сократ 12 votes
answered by Michael Hall 24 votes

Why does exhaust flow inwards through a radial turbocharger?

In a radial compressor, the air enters centrally and passes outwards, aided by centrifugal force. But, as the diagram shows, in piston-engine superchargers the driving exhaust gas flows inwards ...

piston-engine turbocharged  
asked by Guy Inchbald 9 votes
answered by Sanchises 10 votes

Isn't it dangerous for a soldier to sit on the outside of a flying helicopter?

AH-64 during an extraction exercise at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo in 2007 with a soldier on the avionics bay. I lit upon this image on Wikipedia. I see that the soldier is harnessed fastened to the ...

safety military helicopter  
asked by AYX.CLDR 9 votes
answered by Dean F. 33 votes

Can you identify this engine?

I am studying Aircraft mechanics currently, and in our academy we have some aircraft engines and different types of them, and I need please your help to know the reference of one of them, and if it is ...

jet-engine engine turbojet  
asked by Jimlegutra 6 votes
answered by CatchAsCatchCan 31 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do aircraft keep fuel from freezing while in flight?

On aircraft which fly above 30,000 feet, the temperature can often can get to temperatures below Jet-A's freezing point. For example: at 36,000 feet the standard outside air temperature is -56.5°C (-...

safety fuel jet-engine fixed-wing temperature  
asked by Qantas 94 Heavy 36 votes
answered by Lnafziger 31 votes

What is the lifespan of commercial airframes (in general)?

You always hear that the Boeing 737 have been flying for so many years and the Airbus A310 for that many years, but of course that include new airframes being produced all the time. What is the ...

asked by McGafter 25 votes
answered by DeltaLima 22 votes

What is the difference between "flight level" and "altitude"?

I have seen references to "FL180" and "FL300", and I know that they stand for Flight Level 180 and Flight Level 300. I've also seen references to "an altitude of 18000ft" or "an altitude of 30000ft". ...

terminology altitude flight-level  
asked by FreeMan 37 votes
answered by casey 41 votes

If I own land, can I create a private runway on my property for my own use?

In the United States, if I own land that has an area suitable for landing a small general aviation airplane, can I just create a private runway, or do I have to officially be registered with the FAA ...

faa-regulations runways airport general-aviation  
asked by Canuk 39 votes
answered by StallSpin 30 votes

Why are push-propellers so rare, yet they are still around?

Jet engines are by their very nature push-engines, however, most propeller airplanes use pull-engines. Is there an inherent advantage to using pull-propellers except for the increased airflow over the ...

aircraft-design propeller  
asked by falstro 49 votes
answered by DeltaLima 49 votes

Why are fuel tanks located in wings?

Passenger aircraft have fuel tanks in the wings. Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this location ? examples of disadvantages I would suspect: added weight increases the structural ...

aircraft-design wing fuel-tanks aircraft-structures fuel-systems  
asked by summerrain 53 votes
answered by Carlo Felicione 121 votes

Which engine is more efficient between turboprop vs jet?

Are turboprops really more efficient than jets? If yes, does that mean that airlines who use jets sacrifice fuel for faster flights?

jet-engine fuel cost jet turboprop  
asked by Taher Elhouderi 33 votes
answered by SSumner 39 votes

Can you answer these questions?

What were the rules about night flights from LHR in the 80s?

I was just reading a question over on movies.SE: How could Ryan land in New York in early morning?, and the accepted answer suggests that Jack Ryan's plane takes off from LHR at about 4am. One of the ...

aviation-history airport-operations flight-schedules noise-reduction  
asked by Roger Lipscombe 3 votes

Why do landing gear bays in commercial aircraft not have a fire extinguishing system?

Landing gear bays in modern commercial aircraft have fire detectors installed, but there is no fire extinguishing/suppression system in this area. What is the logic behind having fire detection in ...

landing-gear fire  
asked by Mad Max 1 vote

How much pressure do boost and jettison fuel pumps produce?

What is the pressure output of a (boost) fuel pump on a Boeing 767 and/or 777, compared to a heavy-duty jettison fuel pump.

fuel boeing-777 fuel-systems boeing-767  
asked by JJH 1 vote
answered by John K 0 votes
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