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Top new questions this week:

Slanted Brown Rectangles on Aircraft Carriers?

What are the rectangles adjacent to the arresting gear on Aircraft Carriers? Are they service hatches? https://www.kastalon.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/ford-emals-3.jpg

military jet aircraft-carrier us-navy arresting-gear  
user avatar asked by aerojetman62 Score of 25
user avatar answered by fooot Score of 35

What exactly is a 'hard landing'?

In my shareholder agreement, there is a very reasonable line that states: Any hard landings to be reported immediately to [head instructor] or [club name] The thing is, I'm not exactly sure where ...

safety landing general-aviation  
user avatar asked by Cloud Score of 14
user avatar answered by John K Score of 25

How common is it to take off from a taxiway?

This question reminded me of a time when I landed my spamcan at a former WWII RAF base (middle of nowhere, no ATC, no-one in the clubhouse) that had a part concrete/part grass runway, a farmer came ...

takeoff taxiways  
user avatar asked by Dave Gremlin Score of 10
user avatar answered by John K Score of 14

Why is this screw on the wing of DASH-8 Q400 sticking out, is it safe?

Was flying with the Dash-8 Q400 and saw the screw sticking out? It's on the wing near the wheel compartment as shown in the picture. Even if safe, it doesn't look pleasant to the passenger. Are loose ...

safety wing feature-identification dash-8  
user avatar asked by Eugen Sunic Score of 10
user avatar answered by John K Score of 26

Why do the arresting gear cables need to be pushed/ guided back?

Also, what is the yellow metal stick officially called?

military jet aircraft-carrier us-navy arresting-gear  
user avatar asked by aerojetman62 Score of 6

When does taxiing become taking off?

When there is a relocated runway threshold, the PHAK says: When the threshold is relocated, the closed portion of the runway is not available for use by aircraft for takeoff or landing, but it is ...

faa-regulations takeoff runways airport-operations airport-markings  
user avatar asked by Chris - Regenerate Response Score of 6
user avatar answered by Carlo Felicione Score of 4

Can I fly to a class D airport with an NPPL?

I wish to fly into Bristol (EGGD) in a Microlight. I can see they have a VFR approach procedure here. Can I do this? If so, what are the prerequisites? Assuming filing a flight plan is one of them.

air-traffic-control airspace visual-flight-rules caa-uk-regulations  
user avatar asked by Cloud Score of 5
user avatar answered by Jamiec Score of 5

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the advantages of squawking 7700?

I was reading this question about how do pilots send distress signals in emergency scenarios, and that got me thinking... In voretaq7's answer, he states that there are three ways to send distress ...

emergency radio-communications transponder  
user avatar asked by Gabriel Brito Score of 46
user avatar answered by Simon Score of 74

What aircraft is used in the movie Plane (2023)?

Does anyone know what type of aircraft was used in the new film Plane staring Gerard Butler?

aircraft-identification aviation-in-fiction  
user avatar asked by dean1957 Score of 5
user avatar answered by Aditya Sharma Score of 16

When are winds given with respect to true vs. magnetic north?

Wind information can be reported by various sources (ATIS, METAR, TAF, spoken on the radio, etc). I was taught that officially some of these sources are relative to magnetic north and others to true ...

wind magnetic-variation metar atis radio-communications  
user avatar asked by jrdioko Score of 40
user avatar answered by Bret Copeland Score of 47

How does one calculate true altitude?

"An aircraft is cruising at FL170. The altitude shown with QNH set is 17,500 feet. The OAT is -10 deg C. What is the true altitude?" The ISA temperature deviation is 9°C. My calculation is: 17,500' ...

altitude flight-level  
user avatar asked by uroboros Score of 18
user avatar answered by J W Score of 19

Can a helicopter's main rotor mince a human?

Prompted by one of the answers to a prior question of mine regarding a scenario involving a helicopter mincing someone with its main rotor in flight: ...I suspect having a human body come in to ...

safety helicopter foreign-object-damage  
user avatar asked by Vikki Score of 15
user avatar answered by Chris H Score of 11

Which engine is more efficient between turboprop vs jet?

Are turboprops really more efficient than jets? If yes, does that mean that airlines who use jets sacrifice fuel for faster flights?

jet-engine fuel cost jet turboprop  
user avatar asked by Taher Elhouderi Score of 35
user avatar answered by SSumner Score of 39

Can someone actually "fly under the radar"?

It is quite a common phrase, usually without having anything to do with radar or aviation. But. Is there such a thing as 'flying under the radar'? If so, why is this (and how low is that)?

user avatar asked by Řídící Score of 97
user avatar answered by Lnafziger Score of 90

Can you answer these questions?

RAIM Checks when using GNSS in lieu of DME for distance information

I understand that a RAIM has to be checked on the ground as part of preflight, as well as before the commencement of an RNAV/RNP approach. What I am unable to find information on online, is whether a ...

instrument-flight-rules instrument-procedures gnss instrument-approaches raim  
user avatar asked by Zhi Hao Tan Score of 1

What frequencies are used to transmit ADS-B messages?

Presently, ADS-B messages are broadcast on 1090 Mhz Mode S Extended Squitter VHF Data Link Mode-4 (VDL-4) Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) 978 Mhz First 2 Frequencies have relevant ICAO standards ...

air-traffic-control ads-b surveillance  
user avatar asked by Krishna Kanth Score of 3
user avatar answered by Gerry Score of 0

Stop flight training and start again in a different country

Is it possible to put PPL flight training (started in the US) on hold and pick it up again in a different (European) country? Would one have to start all over again or would the US training be ...

flight-training ppl  
user avatar asked by fab Score of 2
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