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Top new questions this week:

Are there any/many US airports (with instrument approaches) still without RNAV approaches?

GPS approaches being so trivially easy to establish and maintain, are there any/many US airports with instrument approaches which do not have at least one RNAV approach?

faa instrument-procedures  
asked by Kenn Sebesta Score of 12
answered by wbeard52 Score of 6

Why is this commercial plane making this manoeuvre?

The plane going in circles above my head for an hour now, what could it be?

airliner maneuver online-tracking  
asked by Sahil Score of 11

What is the piston/leg on the aft wall of the L-1011?

In this response to the APU location on an L-1011, in this image, there appears to be a large piston or leg extended downward along the centerline from the aft wall: Modified: By Reedy (Own work) [CC ...

feature-identification lockheed-tristar  
asked by Ian W Score of 11

Why is communication between ATC and airliners not also written?

Reading this question: How often does a pilot ask ATC for a repeat? Most modern airliners' cockpits have plenty of digital displays. Why is communication between ATC and pilots not also typed/...

air-traffic-control radio-communications display  
asked by qq jkztd Score of 9
answered by StephenS Score of 25

What is the difference between unserviceable, unusable, and not maintained?

Here are some NOTAMS for a recent flight I was planning: ...

vor radio-navigation notam navaids ndb  
asked by rsteilberg Score of 7
answered by randomhead Score of 8

What is the OUTBD PFD setting on the 737 NG MAIN PANEL DUs switch?

Each pilot on a Boeing 737 NG has a five-position switch labeled MAIN PANEL DUs that selects what appears on the two main display unit panels in front of her. Here's a picture of the left pilot's ...

boeing-737 display  
asked by cjs Score of 7
answered by Ralph J Score of 10

How exactly is the free shaft part of a gas turbines controlled?

As you can see in the picture, the free turbine still gets the same exhaust gas that the main turbine gets. How can it exactly spin freely from the main turbine? How can the free shaft even stay ...

turboprop turbine turboshaft  
asked by Timothy Scherer Score of 6
answered by John K Score of 16

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does a plane have brakes to stop or slow down while flying?

Does a plane have brakes to stop or slow down while flying? For example, if the pilots see a large flock of birds at some distance in front of the airplane, and they want to reduce speed suddenly. ...

flight-controls airspeed braking  
asked by Hemang Score of 13
answered by RoboKaren Score of 41

How to determine the aircraft tail number on a particular flight?

How can one determine the registration number (i.e. N123AA) of the aircraft used on a particular flight, having the date, airline, flight number and city pair to start with?

asked by Ralph J Score of 15
answered by Thunderstrike Score of 10

How are take-off segments defined?

From take-off performance calculations I remember that the take-off and initial climb was expressed in a number of segments. Each segment had its own performance requirements. I presume they are ...

aircraft-performance takeoff  
asked by DeltaLima Score of 18
answered by casey Score of 23

What does the term "trimming" most commonly mean in aviation?

Why does an airplane need trim, and what does it do during the flight? Does an autopilot adjust the trim automatically?

flight-controls navigation flight-instruments terminology  
asked by Haris Score of 26
answered by Jamiec Score of 17

What are the ICAO fuel reserve requirements?

How much reserve fuel are private and commercial aircraft required to carry by ICAO rules? I heard that it changed recently (about a year ago) and is a little complicated. How is it calculated for ...

flight-planning fuel icao-sarps  
asked by Lnafziger Score of 28
answered by TypeIA Score of 29

Is joining the air force a good way to become an airline pilot?

I've always loved the air force. However, my main goal is to become an airline pilot. Would joining the air force affect becoming a commercial airline pilot? I am asking because if I join the air ...

military career airline-pilot flight-school  
asked by Fraser Score of 14
answered by Keegan Score of 19

Where is RC aircraft flying allowed in the US?

In the US, where are you allowed to fly RC aircraft? AMA says you should stay away from airports and below 400 feet. Is there any actual law about this? I'm guessing you are free to fly on your own ...

faa-regulations usa rc-aircraft  
asked by fooot Score of 17
answered by Lnafziger Score of 13
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