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It is often desirable to call an FAA air traffic control (ATC) facility on the telephone:

How can one find the non-emergency telephone number for an ARTCC, TRACON, or control tower (ATCT)?

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in a mark-the-tape incident, they'll probably give it to you over the air. – falstro Jun 25 '14 at 14:08
also note that not all ATC facilities in the US are FAA, some are contract towers. – falstro Jun 25 '14 at 14:14
@falstro Not if you (the pilot) are the one requesting the tape be marked. And yes, information on locating contact information for contract towers would be useful too. (Hint: FSS can give you that info whether it's a contract tower or not.) – dvnrrs Jun 25 '14 at 14:17
Might be, the only occasion I've witnessed (LiveATC) the tower asked if he wanted a number to call when he asked them to mark the tape. YMMV of course, but they'll probably give it to you if you ask for it, as it is usually easier to deal with it over the phone than to duke it out over the air :) – falstro Jun 25 '14 at 14:25
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You would think the control tower phone numbers would be listed prominently and conveniently on the FAA website.
You would however be wrong1.

Your best bet would be to contact the Flight Standards District Office that covers your area - they can get you in touch with whatever other branches of the FAA you might need to talk to. You can also get tower phone numbers from Flight Service (1-800-WX-BRIEF).

AC-U-KWIK also has tower phone numbers in a conveniently searchable system (punch in the airport identifier and it will be in the results you get), and the printed edition of the AOPA airport directory used to have tower numbers as an appendix (I'm pretty sure it still does).

1 – Actually that's not strictly correct: some regions publish tower numbers prominently. Most don't, or my search skills aren't good enough to find them.

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The A/FD is available in a searchable digital format here faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/dafd and should contain all information found in the printed AFD. Note that there may be delays in publishing the most recent directories. – David Wilkins Jun 25 '14 at 16:58
@DavidWilkins does the A/FD have tower phone numbers? I remember looking for this info a while ago and not finding it in there... – voretaq7 Jun 25 '14 at 17:35
I don't know about the Tower/TRACON, but if you look under facilities, you should be able to find an Airways/Facilities number which is always an FAA number. From there, they should be able to direct you to the proper place. – David Wilkins Jun 25 '14 at 17:52

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