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In this question, there is an image of a ladder leading to some hole in the bottom of the nose of an A330. What is that hole for?

enter image description here


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Booo!!! -1 for a green circle instead of a red circle!!! (just kiddin') – FreeMan Mar 9 at 14:18
@FreeMan Was not me though. ;) – SMS von der Tann Mar 9 at 14:30
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It is the avionic compartment access door as described in the Flight Crew Operating Manual!

An inward-opening, manually operated, hinged door gives access to the avionics compartment. This door is in the lower fuselage, forward of the nose landing gear bay. A ladder is stowed inside the compartment adjacent to this door, which may be either be operated from the interior or the exterior. This compartment is also accessible from the cockpit, via a floor hatch located behind the Captains' seat. A fixed ladder in the avionics compartment for access from the cockpit.

Here is a drawing from the outside!

[A330 Avionics Hatch

And here a view from the cockpit flight deck for an A340!

A340 Flight deck Layout

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Like a server room for the airplane. I swear they always make the IT guy work in the worst conditions. ;-) – Todd Wilcox Mar 8 at 15:43
@ToddWilcox what are you talking about? They even got their own ladder for extra speedy boarding! – JustSid Mar 8 at 18:38
Any picture of the inside ? – Antzi Mar 8 at 22:43
Your first picture also accidentally answered aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/25896/… – Jason C Mar 9 at 5:24

That 'hole' gives access to the avionics comparment- forward zone. The comparment has a ground access ladder, which is seen in the image. The deployment of that ladder (which is similar in A330/A340) can be seen in this video.

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