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I'm having trouble identifying a jet and am hoping someone can provide some help. Here is the best picture I've been able to capture.


The closest similar jet I've been able to find is the A-4 Skyhawk, which shares many of its features, but even in looking through the variants, I can't find an exact match.

The next two pictures aren't as clear, but they show the profile and wing shape, respectively.

profile wing shape

There are three features I've noticed which set it apart from the A-4 variants I've found.

  1. Wing shape - It's very curvy, almost Concorde-like.
  2. Vertical stabilizer - The forward section of the top of the vertical stabilizer is very sharp, whereas on the A-4's I've seen, this is curved.
  3. Antennae - There are two antennae; one swept-back antenna directly behind the cockpit and a vertical antenna farther back where the vertical stabilizer begins.

I appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thank you.

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Later-model A-4s (H+, maybe earlier?) had a squared off tail. Antennae aren't the best way to distinguish aircraft, fwiw, as they can be easily added or removed later in life. – egid Feb 14 at 5:20
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They are A-4 Skyhawks all right. They are operated by Draken International and provide adversary training for USAF (among others); here's a closeup photo of them.

A-4 adversary

Image from edwards.af.mil

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That is indeed it. Thank you for your thorough answer. – cokeman19 Feb 14 at 5:36

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