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When moving to and from the runway, does a large passenger aircraft turn by changing the thrust difference on its side engines, or by turning the front landing gear to a different angle? If it is by turning the front landing gear, through what device does the pilot control the angle?

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During taxiing aircraft turn using their nose wheel.

The nose wheel is usually hydraulically controlled. The pilot operates it through a tiller. The nose gear can rotate usually quite far, sometimes to almost 90 degrees.

At high speeds, directional control is achieved using the rudder pedals. The nose gear is often linked to the rudder pedals, however the maximum rotation is limited. The nose gear steering does not exactly match to the the rudder steering at all speeds. At low speeds the rudder is ineffective so the nose wheel steering is dominant. For sharp turns the tiller is always used because of the limited rotation by the pedals.

A320 Nose wheel tiller

A320 Nose wheel tiller

B747-400 Nose wheel tiller

B747-400 Nose wheel tiller

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