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I'm thinking of building some of physical aspects of a flight simulator, such as the overhead panels and pedestal.

Is there a publication available where I could find detailed dimensions of cockpit panel sizes of say Boeing 737 and A320s? I've found some pictures online but they don't quite have the detail I would like. Google images shows a few results with detailed dimensions, so I'm wondering where they got theirs from... actual measurements perhaps? (there are photos of measurements, but i'd like something maybe a little more exact) Is there maybe a standard size of these panels, also on the larger jets?

A320 Overhead

Sort of thing I'm looking for: AP Dimensions

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There appears to be some (free) quality materials accessible through the download section of Open Cockpit's Website, including CAD (.dwg) files and drawings such as this 737 Overhead Panel.

(seem to have at least partially answered my own question, but a clear technical drawing if somebody could provide/suggest a source of one would be greatly appreciated)

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You could try the manufacturer's parts or service manuals. The quality and precision of drawings contained in these may not be up to what you're looking for though so best to see if you can look through one before forking over the cash for it... – voretaq7 Feb 3 '14 at 21:52

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